The REPLICA collection was made in collaboration with three artists: Nicholas Koshkosh, Yaroslav Putyata and Dima Melancholiac. Each of the artists chose the clothes he likes and we made them of canvas so they could paint the pieces by hand. The canvas in the form of a garment. The garment acting as a canvas. Afterwards we adapted the results of their work for a clothing release. The presentation took the format of an exhibition of contemporary art. The clothes were exhibited as art objects. The videos were running on big screens. Three videos that we made about the artists contain the process of making clothes and short interviews. Answering our question the heroes shared their thoughts about what is contemporary art now and what does it mean to be an artist. In fashion industry the term «replica» is usually understood as a method — to get inspired by high art of the past. We tried to erase a line between creating an object of fashion and an object of art. We tried to present the collection as a piece of art, as an event, as a way of depicting reality and the inner world of the artist through the use of artistic images.