SECT 2020

In unconditional acceptance of an ideology, often invented by one person, in subjection to a set of strict rules, participating in rituals, sometimes having a radical or even criminal character, the masses of people find a feeling of mutual assistance and ownership. The mass distribution of cults, their ideas and practices is impressive. Just like subcultures with their their limited circle of followers, with their own values ​​and methods relate to global culture — new religious associations (sects) are in opposition to the main culture-forming religion of a country or region. At the same time, global culture often draw upon new elements that have the potential for wide distribution in subcultures striving to separate itself, eventually making them widespread. The emergence of non-traditional religious, as well as cultural movements is often a reaction to the crisis of the foundations of modern civilization. Belonging to a sect, as well as belonging to a subculture, is participation in the circle of the chosen ones, enthusiasts who are confident that they know how an ideal society should be arranged, or who are ready to fully trust the leader in this matter. Followers of non-traditional movements don’t wait for the formation of the new world, but live in it, creating a society in society. In this regard, their courage can be envied.