PRETTY POISON: Interview. Bali's underground

Interview with the team of Bali project Pretty Poison, which combined the bar, the main skate spot of Changu and the skate brand known all over the world and gathered a whole multicultural community around itself. In June 2019 we released a drop in collaboration with Pretty Poison, which included two t-shirts and two hoodies. It is now available at our website:

interview: Vasilii Volchok-Rusakovich camera: Vasilii Volchok-Rusakovich edit: Viktoria Terentyeva

PREDATORY THINGS OF THE CENTURY presentation @Moscow Rooftop

The presentation took place in a two-storied unfinished penthouse. Instead of the traditional fashion show, the models took part in an hour performance, while guests watched them from above through a hole in the floor and through the screens with the live stream.

camera / edit: Viktoria Terentyeva music: Microflora

VOLCHOK Heroes: Dmitriy Koloskow (EUGOR)

Dmitriy Koloskow — Ukrainian painter and graffiti artist. For our CRASH TEST collection he made a painting the fragments of which were used in prints. For example, the red demon which became a symbol of the collection is his creation. We talked to Dmitriy about his art. Read the full interview here:

camera: Anton Koba edit: Viktoria Terentyeva interview: Masha Raeva subtitles: Nastya Ryzhkova

CRASH TEST FW18 show @Winzavod

Video report from the CRASH TEST collection show. The Center of Contemporary Art WINZAVOD 21/09/18

camera: Viktoria Terentyeva, Nikita Baranov, Alexey Ivanchenko, Anastasia Zamilova, Maria Glebova edit: Viktoria Terentyeva music: Obgon


Our new video about Obgon, the author of the soundtrack for our CRASH TEST show. In the short interview Andrew Lee told us about the youth in Tashkent, how to become a musician if you can only play a vibrosound treatment device and much more.

camera / edit: Viktoria Terentyeva interview: Masha Raeva

FW18 CRASH TEST Lookbook Shooting

The video report from the shooting of the lookbook of our fall/winter 2018 collection CRASH TEST.

camera: Alexey Nikishin edit: Katya Ivanova producer: Masha Raeva style: Anastasia Klychkova muah: Alexandra Kotenkova models: Anton Koba, Alexey Kryuchkov, Boris Obida, Michael Nikolaev, Vitalia Golubeva, Viktoria Terentyeva, Polina Glazer, Vadim Natalich music: Vasilii Miroliubov


We had no idea how organically our clothes could look on Spanish kids walking along the pier at the sunset. Recalling the trip to Barcelona and dreaming of the next one.

camera / edit: Viktoria Terentyeva

FW18 CRASH TEST / Futurum Moscow show

The CRASH TEST collection show on Futurum Moscow Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Museum of Moscow, Moscow 12/10/18

FW18 CRASH TEST Afterparty

Video report from the presentation of the FW18 CRASH TEST collection. Squat 3/4, Moscow. 22/09/18

camera / edit: Arnold Veber music: Artem Grebnev


This summer we released a collaboration with Barcelona brand Antidoto28 and Moscow artist Elena Mosyakina. In this video Elena tried on the items from the collection and told us a little about her creative way, inspiration and world view.

interview: Masha Raeva camera / edit: Viktoria Terentyeva translation: Anastasia Ryzhkova muah: Sasha Kotenkova


On August 18-19 we took part in the annual exhibition Faces&Laces in Moscow. This year’s slogan is SUBCULTURAL COOPERATION and adhering to this we’ve built a joint ecosystem of the store, a greenhouse where we presented our collaboration with Spanish brand ANTIDOTO28 and Moscow artist Lena Mosyakina, vegan food УГОЛ, area for customizing, also we’ve made a party with 11 musicians. Special corner was alloted for a young brand OTHER SIDE which won in our contest.

camera / edit: Viktoria Terentyeva music: live


Interview with one of three heroes of our SS18 REPLICA collection and the author of several prints - Kyiv artist Nicholas Koshkosh.

interview: Masha Raeva, Anton Koba camera & edit: Arnold Veber music: Microflora

VOLCHOK: 4 / Moscow birthday party

On May 30 brand VOLCHOK was 4 years old. We have come a long way from Page with black and white pictures to the whole community with shops in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and partners around the world. It wouldn't have happened without your support, thank you for being with us also on this day.

camera / edit: Viktoria Terentyeva

REPLICA Lookbook Backstage

Video lookbook of our REPLICA collection. In the world of fashion "replica" was accepted as a reception - to be inspired by the high art of the past. We tried to erase the line between creation of the fashion and the art objects, and presenting the REPLICA collection as an art work, an event, a full-fledged way of displaying images and internal world of the author in reality.

camera / edit: Viktoria Terentyeva music: Стук Бамбука в XI часов‎ – Хрупко двух

DEAR PROGRESS Showroom @Paris

In early March we flew to Paris with the Dear Progress showroom. We communicated with buyers from all over the world, walked around like tourists and of course organized a party for 200 people.

camera: Viktoria Terentyeva, Vasilii Volchok-Rusakovich edit: Viktoria Terentyeva music: Sexy Sushi - 1000 morceaux


What rules the tattoo community lives by, who has the best tattoos, what the term "unique style" means, - we asked Dima Melancholiac - tattoo artist from Kyiv, author of the several prints for our collection REPLICA.

interview / production: Masha Raeva camera: Arnold Veber, Victoria Terentyeva edit: Arnold Veber music: Artem Grebnev

REPLICA show @Moscow

Video report from the REPLICA collection show Boiler room, Hlebozavod, Moscow 16/03/18

camera: Viktoria Terentyeva, Andrey Kling, Kira Pievskaya edit: Viktoria Terentyeva music: Microflora, The Soft Moon


Introducing the first video from the series of videos about the main characters of REPLICA collection - people who took part in print making and shared their thoughts on the art and tattoo world. Here’s Yaroslav Putyata - handpoke tattoo artist from Kyiv telling us about his sources of inspiration, approach to work and his personal way of becoming an artist.

interview: Anton Koba, Olga Babych camera: Olga Babych edit: Arnold Veber music: невиди́мка

REPLICA / MBFW Russia show

The REPLICA collection show on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Museum of Moscow, Moscow 15/03/18

SS18 REPLICA teaser

In fashion industry the term «replica» is usually understood as a method — to get inspired by high art of the past. We tried to erase a line between creating an object of fashion and an object of art. We tried to present the collection as a piece of art, as an event, as a way of depicting reality and the inner world of the artist through the use of artistic images.

camera / edit: Arnold Veber music: Pavel Dodonov

FW17 FINAL FANTASY Zine creating

The collection Final Fantasy was based on notions of sci-fi, rave culture and the idea of creative potential of human fantasy. Instead of regular lookbook we created an experimental zine in collaboration with Russian photographer and collage artist Anton Reva. Anton has worked on the zine through every stage, from taking the photos to endless post processing, using completely analogue techniques many of which he has developed himself, and some such as working simultaneously with ice and fire specifically for our collaboration.

camera / edit: Dmitry Stukovnikov music: Noyeahno - We R the H-Block


Kiev is unique in its dynamics. As well as its inhabitants, the city has unrepeatable energy, so powerful that it spreads far beyond its boundaries. After brand VOLCHOK opened subdivision in Kiev we are proud to name ourselves a multicultural project. Boundaries are conditional, and there even is no place at all for them in the art field.

dir/dop: Yegor Parker 1ac: Toko_w sound design: Igor Starshinov producer: Anton Koba, Vasily Volchok line Producer: Masha Raeva models: Thomas, Nikita, Katya, Andrey, Ilya, Anton special thanks: Liza Kirr, Nikita Kit, Thomas Anderson

FW17 FINAL FANTASY afterparty

All the fun always happens behind the scenes. Watch this detailed video report from afterparty of our FW17 presentation that took place in Moscow techno club Squat 3/4 on October 14.

camera / edit: Arnold Veber music: Animal Collective - Leaf House

FW17 FINAL FANTASY presentation @Squat 3/4 (official video)

Video report from the presentation of FINAL FANTASY collection. Squat 3/4, Moscow 14/10/17

camera / edit: Nikita Zeleny music: live Pavel Dodonov / IC3PEAK


Video made by our guests Dmitry Sorokin (, Yuliya Tolmacheva

music: Da Octopusss - Helle

FW17 FINAL FANTASY presentation teaser


camera / edit: Nikita Zeleny music: IC3PEAK


The eleventh annual exhibition devoted to actual street fashion, subcultures, visual communications and alternative contemporary art took place on August 12-13, 2017 in Moscow. Right in Gorky Park, we established a pop-up club, where a two-day rave took place. The walls of the space served as canvases for the creativity of contemporary artists Natalia Goncharova and Nicholas Koshkosh.

camera / edit: Kira Pievskaya music: DZA - Naiads at Play

Natalia Goncharova / SS17 SMERTELNAYA BITVA

Moscow artist Natalia Goncharova dancing in outfits from VOLCHOK SS17 collection.

camera / edit: Pavel Samokhvalov


The video is dedicated to the spring/summer 2017 collection SMERTELNAYA BITVA, that was inspired by 90s, digital culture, video game Mortal Kombat and thrillers from VHS-tapes.

director-operator: Misha Senin

SS17 SMERTELNAYA BITVA show @Hangar (official video)

Official video report from the SS17 show. Hangar, Hlebozavod, Moscow 12/05/17

camera: Kira Pievskaya, Nikita Zeleny edit: Kira Pievskaya


Video report from the SMERTELNAYA BITVA collection from our guest Dmitry Stukovnikov.

music: Aphex Twin - Hedphelym



camera / edit: Kira Pievskaya music: Modern Art - Hello/Goodbye

FW16 FOREST @Rabitca


SS16 NO KINGS NO GODS show @Artplay

Video report from the presentation of the first VOLCHOK collection - SS 2016 “No Kings No Gods” Artplay, Moscow

SS16 NO KINGS NO GODS campaign

The main theme of the collection was the equality between all the people. There can be no reason for confidence in one's own superiority over others - just like there is no reason to worship anyone. Anyone can only rely on his own strength, live only by his own ideals. We all born and die equal.

camera / edit: Kira Pievskaya